Home & Contents Canterbury

Home & Contents Canterbury


For most Kiwis, our house and their contents are our most valuable assets.

As a result, we can find ourselves extremely vulnerable if anything happens out of the blue. Most of the time, homeowners only insure the valued amount of their home, which can lead to insurmountable challenges at claim time - especially in the event of major works.

In case of a catastrophe, additional costs mount up quickly, such as demolition, consents, and project management. You may find that you’ve spent $100K or more before you’ve even laid the foundations. Ultimately, that can mean ending up under obligation from the bank to sell, or settling for a finished house that doesn’t meet your needs.

Make sure that there are no nasty surprises heading your way, and that whatever happens, you can rebuild with minimal disruption to your long-term goals. We’ll make sure you’re properly covered, from a broken window to catastrophic rebuild, so you can pick up the pieces and move on positively.

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